Oak Creek

Since I can’t seem to concentrate long enough to write a full blog, I have written a “mini blog.” 

And the topic of this itty, bitty “mini blog” is one of my favorite things to do in Sedona, AZ: play in the creek. 

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Traveling On A Budget

As the queen of not having a whole lot of spending money (or at least not any money I should be spending), finding even small ways to spend less money goes a long way. The most predominant time I encountered this setback was in Ireland last winter where I wasn’t able to get a part-time job to help with expenses. Since every dime I spent was eating away at my savings, I was constantly on the prowl for ways to save money. 

Here’s five tips for saving money while traveling (and in general). 

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6 Touring Tips & Tricks

  1. Take a Tour!!!

I cannot — and I mean cannot — stress this enough. The second you get to your location — take a dang tour. Find a tour that’s going to give you a good overview of wherever you’re staying. Find one that’s going to give you a taste of the culture there. Tours can be expensive but at the end of the trip at least you’ll know you had at least one truly riveting, enriching and exciting adventure. 

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